14th Kenya Model United Nations Annual Conference

14th Kenya Model United Nations Annual Conference
past over 3 years ago

Mon, Mar 9 5:00AM - Fri, Mar 13 2:00PM

United Nations - Gigiri Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

The 14th Kenya Model United Nations National Secretariat is honoured and pleased to invite you to the 14th Kenya Model United Nations Annual Conference to be held on Monday March 9th, 2015 to Friday March 13th, 2015 at United Nations Offices at Nairobi, Gigiri. The conference gives the delegates a sense of the complexities of the real – world international negotiation, and, as with the real United Nations, place an unequalled emphasis on cooperation and compromise rather than on the supremacy of any one country’s position. In this way, delegates get a chance not only to learn about current international affairs and to discover and represent one country’s position, but also how to stick to that position while working with hundreds of other delegates.

The 14th Kenya Model United Nations theme is “The Post 2015 Development Agenda: A Sustainable Future with Dignity for All.” Our activities throughout the year have been linked to this theme and the conference will be the ultimate highlight of the theme,s importance. Following the millennium summit in 2000 the Millennium Development Goals MDGs have shaped the development agenda of the UN but as we approach 2015 MDGs deadline; it is time to begin the global conversation on the post 2015 development agenda to develop the world we want. The world has dramatically changed with new realities as well as new problems that have come to light in the past decade that will require new strategies to solve. Read more…

Delegation applications was the first phase of the conference application process which was opened on December 1st, 2015 at 0000hrs. The Delegation applications requires a team of six delegates applying to represent the 2015/ 2016 Security Council countries in each of the committees, that is, Security Council, ECOSOC, General Assembly: Committee One to Four. The countries to be simulated by delegations are the five permanent countries: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States alongside the ten non-permanent countries: Angola (2016), Chad (2015), Chile (2015), Jordan (2015), Lithuania (2015), Malaysia (2016), New Zealand (2016), Nigeria (2015), Spain (2016), and Venezuela (2016). All delegation registrations submitted by December, 14th 2015 will be evaluated for acceptance on a rolling basis, with country assignments released on 28th, December 2014. Further descriptions of conference logistics, along with dates, deadlines, invoice, and payment options will be communicated effectively.

Individual applications for the respective simulations, that is, General Assembly, ECOSOC, International Law Commission, and International Court of Justice will open on December, 14th 2015 at 000hrs.

This year’s conference will expose the delegates to enriching interactions with experts from respective Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related organizations, agencies or programs. This will enable the delegates to debate and approach issues in international relations with adequate knowledge of the real world situation. MUN globally empowers young people with essential skills, such as public speaking, diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership abilities, compromise, researching and writing skills.

Whether you have attended KenyaMUN for years or are considering participating for the first time, I strongly encourage you to join the MUN movement and let us build to a better tomorrow. submit an application to http://kenyamodelun.org/

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.